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Louis Vuitton Outlet

Louis Vuitton Outlet

When I was a young fashion assistant with next-to-no income, I recall being flabbergasted when I overheard a colleague describing her newly purchased Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. "It's OK," she said, "I'll use it as a gym bag." I couldn't believe that a fashion editor would describe a classic Louis Vuitton Outlet (or anything from the famed design house) as only "OK." At the time, I was scrimping and saving to be able to buy the much smaller (and much less expensive) pouch. When I had saved enough money I proudly walked into the store, and even though my purchase was peanuts to the salespeople, I received the royal treatment and couldn't have been more excited about my Vuitton bag (and the fancy dustbag that came with it!).

Allover-flower patterns and abstract looks not right for you? Not to worry. Add drama to your handbag routine (without overdoing it) by going with a subtle check.

I did go on to buy the larger "Speedy" purse in the classic brown canvas with the Cheap Louis Vuitton, and I loved it. It was large enough that I even used it as a tote for weekend trips. Since then, my style has changed and, though I avoid anything monogrammed, I have continued to collect Louis Vuitton bags when my budget allowed, especially when designer Marc Jacobs teamed up with fabulous artists to come up with whimsical creations. Some of my favorites include the multicolored bags he created with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, or more recently, his playful, polka-dotted collaboration with artist Yakoi Kusama.

No fall wardrobe is complete without some vibrant harvest hues. Opt for a bright orange or energetic red to bring life to the sea of black winter coats. Always classic, it’s crucial to keep an LBB (little black bag) in your arsenal at all times. A staple black bag also elevates cozy knits, dark-wash jeans, and cashmere alike.

I'm not alone in my love of Louis Vuitton. Stars like Michael Phelps and Angelina Jolie star in the advertising campaigns, and celebrities like Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags and Kim Kardashian are spotted out and about in Louis Vuitton clothes, shoes and handbags. Lady Gaga even described her recently colored hair as "Louis Vuitton brown." Designer Marc Jacobs keeps the house young and inspired with fashion shows that take place on trains (trains!) -- and his own over-the-top style.

Not only does it have a classic shape and style that can be so easy to match to outfits, the material was made to be lightweight but extremely durable. The Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts monogram canvas is known for being ultra resistant to scuffing, tearing, and any moisture, making it the perfect bag for travel and everyday wear. The leather is also top-notch and is durable and smooth. Call me crazy, but I find the bottoms of aged Alma bags and aged Louis Vuitton handles somewhat delightful to touch.

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